Baby applesauce recipe - quick and easy #babyfood #homemade

Homemade baby food is easy to whip up, hence you will find this baby applesauce recipe just as easy to make at home. I haven't met a baby (or adult) who does not love applesauce or apple puree. The cool thing about making the applesauce at home is that your baby can enjoy it at any time, without you stressing about re-stocking it. Most homes will have apples in their fridge or fruit bowl. Let your baby also get into the fruit routine as soon as they are old enough to get started on solids. Baby Applesauce vs Regular Applesauce It is natural that a mom does a comparison between the baby applesauce and the regular (store-bought) applesauce.  The main highlight of  homemade baby applesauce is that the recipe has no preservatives or added sugar (not implying that the store bought version has these by default).  The only 2 ingredients you need for the baby applesauce recipe are whole apples and water. Some parents find buying organic apples more expensive than si

Best Baby Food Storage Ideas

I mentioned in my previous post that another advantage of homemade baby food is cost savings. This is true if you use baby food storage techniques that will keep the food safe for as long as possible. Unlike store bought food, homemade baby food has no preservatives that allow it to withstand a prolonged shelf life. Proper storage, in the right conditions, is what keeps your baby's food safe. Glass Baby Food Storage Containers, BPA-Free Airtight Leak-Proof Baby Food Jars with Labels, Set of 12-4 Ounce Homemade baby food storage - ideas and containers Baby food freezer storage Something as simple as an ice cube tray can be used for baby food storage. Baby puree freezes nicely in the trays, and when it is time to thaw and serve - you will only remove the number of cubes that the baby needs. Freezing and reheating food multiple times is not safe. A storage container that is bigger than one serving would be wasteful. Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit, Baby Food Free

Bathing your newborn baby

A baby's first bath invokes anxiety and feelings of inadequacy - at least those are my memories of having to bath my (then) newborn babies. It did not get any better with my 2nd born. I suspect that as a new mother  I was too conscious of the fragility of the new human that depended on me for safety😊.

There is good news, though. A baby's first bath will give you the practice to handle subsequent baths. You do get the hang of it, and won't be intimidating for long. In reality, newborn babies only need to be bathed 2-3 times a week.  Bathing them too frequently will dry out their skin, which is still much delicate at this point.

What you need to know about bathing your newborn baby?
1.  Putting a newborn in a bathtub is an absolute no.  The umbilical cord needs to be dry to fall off and heal. The same applies if your baby boy has been circumcised.  Wait until everything has healed before using a bathtub.  A sponge bath is perfect for a newborn baby.  Take diligence in clean…