Baby applesauce recipe - quick and easy #babyfood #homemade

July 12, 2019
Homemade baby food is easy to whip up, hence you will find this baby applesauce recipe just as easy to make at home. I haven't met a baby (or adult) who does not love applesauce or apple puree. The cool thing about making the applesauce at home is that your baby can enjoy it at any time, without you stressing about re-stocking it. Most homes will have apples in their fridge or fruit bowl. Let your baby also get into the fruit routine as soon as they are old enough to get started on solids.

baby applesauce recipe

Baby Applesauce vs Regular Applesauce

It is natural that a mom does a comparison between the baby applesauce and the regular (store-bought) applesauce.  The main highlight of homemade baby applesauce is that the recipe has no preservatives or added sugar (not implying that the store bought version has these by default). 

The only 2 ingredients you need for the baby applesauce recipe are whole apples and water.

Some parents find buying organic apples more expensive than simply buying the jarred applesauce.  This will vary with the location as produce can be cheaper in some countries and continents. 

We have always stocked apples so making this ourselves was cheaper.

Quick and easy baby applesauce recipe

It is as easy as 1,2,3........ All you need are whole apples and water

1. Wash whole apples, peel them and remove the core in each apple (you will decide if you are making batches or just enough for one serving). 

2. Cut the apples into huge chunks and boil for 10 minutes. Once done, transfer them to a blender, and depending on the thickness that you desire, you may put a little bit of water (use the water in which you boiled your apples).  Once done, let the applesauce cool down before serving it.

I'll admit that I was lazy to have to wash the blender, so I used a food chopper for this demo.

That's all there is to making applesauce for your baby at home. The taste will vary depending on the apples that you have used.  Either way, a 4-6-month-old baby will love it as they have not developed a preference for sugar at this stage.

Baby applesauce with skin (yay or nay?)

Don't we all instinctively peel off the apple skins when introducing babies to apples? 
Apple peels are not necessarily bad for babies. Babies' digestive systems are still delicate and may not handle the high fiber very well. it's better to wait until the baby is about 8 months old before including them in your applesauce recipe.

With my son, I did not go all in with the apple skins.  Include only a little bit at a time (and not the peels for the whole apple) and see how your baby tolerates the baby applesauce with skin. make sure that the apples have been thoroughly washed first.

This is just about it on how to make your baby applesauce from home. You may find these baby food storage ideas to be useful if you intend to make it in batches.

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baby applesauce recipe