Your Baby's sleep routine - where to start?

July 04, 2019
baby's sleep routine

It’s normal for newborns to have inconsistent sleeping habits. The most common is the tendency to sleep during the day instead of at night. Night and day do not mean much to a newborn baby. The womb is dark, after all. You can form your baby's sleep routine to what you consider normal, so the glass is half full.

Let's start with the most common problem:

How do I change my baby's sleep pattern from day to night?

Like I mentioned above, it is a common problem.  We did struggle with this with my niece.  She'd even be fast asleep during her bath times.  It was so bad, my sister was not getting much sleep at night. We had to find ways to change the baby's sleep routine so that she could sleep at night instead.

Try the following baby's sleep routine to sort out the sleeping pattern...

  • When the baby naps during the day, carry on with your normal routine.  Do not get out of your way to cut out the noise. Always leave the door to the nursery open, and the television or stereo playing.  Your little one will learn to sleep through the noise. They will also realize that day time is not perfect for a peaceful sleep.
  • Part of establishing a sleep routine for your baby is to time their day time naps. Naps should not exceed 3 hours. If they sleep beyond the 3 hours, wake them up by holding them upright and tickle their feet. If they continue to sleep, remove one layer of clothing. The chill will help wake them up. Once the baby is awake, sing or talk to them to keep them awake.

The 2nd part of creating a consistent sleep routine for your baby is to train them to sleep through the night. There are various baby sleep training methods you can use, but I will touch on a few here:

  • Newborns are aware of their environment. Your baby may not be enjoying the crib because they find it to be too big. Put them in a bassinet, or cradle instead. The latter may feel cozy and warm for a newborn.

  • Ensure that the temperature in the room is right. No one sleeps when it is chilly, or too hot.
  • Your little one will sleep better if he has an established sleeping routine for day and night. Put him down for naps at the same time each day, and put him down for bed at the same time each night. Create some bedtime habits that will signal to the baby that bedtime is near. A bedtime bath works perfectly to signal to newborns that it is bedtime. They will also relax and zone off to sleep in no time due to relaxation. For bigger babies, story time may work too.

Baby sleep routine on holiday

Going on a holiday after you have settled your baby to a sleep routine may be worrisome. This could be time with family and relatives, and not necessarily a vacation.

The baby may be uncomfortable in new surroundings. There is hope though that time away from home may not obliterate the baby's sleep routine.

Bring the baby's familiar sleep triggers, like their soothing music and sleep pillows.  This worked for our firstborn (and that pillow lasted a long time too).

Other than this, try not to be rigid about the routine. You can always start sleep training once you go back home.

sleep routine for your baby

Establishing a baby's sleeping routine is challenging.  It is tempting to deprive them of day time naps altogether, to on whole night's rest. This is not a wise move.  Babies need more sleep than adults (16-18 hours a day).  If you try these hacks above, your little will get their naps, as well as a good night's sleep.

I assure you, it does get better. Some babies can settle into a routine within a week, while some may need 3 weeks.  They are not the same.  Find out what works for your kids and stick to it.

Enjoy your new bundle of joy! Don't forget to pin or share too.