Bathing your newborn baby

July 18, 2019
A baby's first bath invokes anxiety and feelings of inadequacy - at least those are my memories of having to bath my (then) newborn babies. It did not get any better with my 2nd born. I suspect that as a new mother  I was too conscious of the fragility of the new human that depended on me for safety😊.

There is good news, though. A baby's first bath will give you the practice to handle subsequent baths. You do get the hang of it, and won't be intimidating for long. In reality, newborn babies only need to be bathed 2-3 times a week.  Bathing them too frequently will dry out their skin, which is still much delicate at this point.

bathing your newborn baby

What you need to know about bathing your newborn baby?

1.  Putting a newborn in a bathtub is an absolute no.  The umbilical cord needs to be dry to fall off and heal. The same applies if your baby boy has been circumcised.  Wait until everything has healed before using a bathtub.  A sponge bath is perfect for a newborn baby.  Take diligence in cleaning and drying the nappy area.

2. Once you put down your baby for bathing, give them your undivided attention until bathtime is over.
3. If your baby is old enough to be put into a bathtub, Never run the bathwater with the baby in the tub. Fill the tub and check the temperature before you add the baby. If this is your baby's first bath, be prepared that they may it, which means there could be a lot of crying.
4. Make the time in the bath quick. The water gets cold very quickly for a baby. Don't spoil this special time for them.  One keep the water warmer for longer, soak a towel in very warm water and lay it at the bottom of the bath. This will also serve as a cushion for the baby.

5. Keep your one hand under baby's head as head support (scroll up to the featured image to see how this works).
6. Always use soaps and shampoos designed only for babies.  A baby's skin is delicate and prone to allergies. In fact, you can forgo all of that and strictly use aqueous cream to bath your baby.  It worked perfectly for both my kids. Always choose the non-perfumed variety.

7. Have a towel and diaper ready to wrap your baby in immediately when you’re finished, to avoid them getting chilly.

Once you grasp these simple tips to bathing your newborn baby, you will become more confident. Also, as your baby grows, bathtime will become a favorite time of their day.  A baby's bathtime also forms part of a baby's sleeping routine.  This is how memories are made...enjoy them all...MOM.💗💗💗

Bathing your newborn baby