Best Baby Food Storage Ideas

July 09, 2019
I mentioned in my previous post that another advantage of homemade baby food is cost savings. This is true if you use baby food storage techniques that will keep the food safe for as long as possible. Unlike store bought food, homemade baby food has no preservatives that allow it to withstand a prolonged shelf life. Proper storage, in the right conditions, is what keeps your baby's food safe.

Homemade baby food storage - ideas and containers

Baby food freezer storage

Something as simple as an ice cube tray can be used for baby food storage. Baby puree freezes nicely in the trays, and when it is time to thaw and serve - you will only remove the number of cubes that the baby needs. Freezing and reheating food multiple times is not safe. A storage container that is bigger than one serving would be wasteful.

Always choose ice cube trays that have lids.  A lot goes into the freezer, so it is better to be safe.
You will also find baby food storage containers that I made specifically for freezing your little one's food.
For all your baby food freezer storage containers, always make sure that the plastic is BPA-free, and that the lids are airtight.

Glass baby food storage containers

Glass food storage is much safer and works well to preserve food. Glass baby food storage containers are also easy to clean, which is critical when handling baby food.
It is important that you know how to handle glass food storage in order to keep it for longer. It is tempting to take your baby's food (in a glass jar) from the freezer, and reheat right away in boiling water in order to warm it.  This will cause cracks and breakage. Always remove the glass jar from the freezer a night before (if possible), and give the food to thaw and defrost. Place the food in hot water only when it is almost time for your baby's meal.

Silicone baby food storage containers

Silicone is safer than plastic, and when it comes to baby food storage - safety should be the first consideration.  The advantage of silicone baby food storage containers over glass is that they won't break, and are versatile. I love the storage cups in particular because they also double as feeding cups. They are also the perfect size for each puree serving.

Heating baby food from a silicone container may take longer, but you can plan for that by prepping in advance.

These baby food storage ideas surely do make this mommy(ing) gig doable. Remember to save, pin, or share them so that you can help other new moms out there.

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